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What is Waylo

Waylo is your travel expert buddy. Yeah, she is a smart bot who uses her expertise to help you save on hotel stays. If she likes you, she'll even get you a free night on every hotel booking.

You can text her or ping her on Facebook Messenger anytime day or night.

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How it works

Ping Waylo

Message Waylo on Facebook Messenger, SMS or Email. Slack and web-app coming soon.

Win a free night

Tell Waylo when and where you are traveling and complete a hotel booking in under 2 mins. 1 in 10 users earn a free night up to $100.

Smart price guarantee

If Waylo detects a cheaper price on another website, we'll send you a refund. It's automatic. No more filing price guarantee claims.

Book without anxiety

Price dropped after you booked? No worries. For most reservations, Waylo monitors hotel prices and refunds automatically. It's like magic.

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How much can you save

Most websites charge a 15-30% commission from hotels who in turn increase prices to cover the expense.

Waylo refunds you most of the commission. No doubt Waylo's friends save an average of 13% over other websites.

Tap the slider to see how much you can save with Waylo, compared to other websites.

  • Save $ on a 3 night hotel stay @13% savings

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